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About us


President/CEO Toshio Koba

 University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters, Department of Ethics / Taiyo-Kobe Bank, Ltd. / The Nikko Securities Co., Ltd. / The Nikko Bank (Nederland) NV, Director
Sep, 1991The Nikko Bank (UK)plc Investigation Department Vice Director
Jun, 1994Kyodo Mortgage Acceptance Co., Ltd. Councilor
Oct, 1997The Nikko Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Corporate Officer
Feb, 2000PIMCO Japan Ltd. Vice President
Mar, 2002SHINSEI Bank, Limited Deputy GM, Audit Division
Aug, 2005Link Power Co., Ltd. Director
Sep, 2006Link Power Co., Ltd. President/CEO

Director Mitsuru Yanagi

 University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics / Kajima Corporation / Chief Examiner of Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East / Purser of Kajima Jamaica Project
Jan, 1989Kajima UK Holding Director
Kajima UK Engineering Director
Kajima UK Development Director
Kajima Design Europe Director
Sep, 1994Hualalai Development Co. SVP, Treasure
Jun, 2001Hualalai Development Co. EVP, CFO
Mar, 2004Kajima Corporation, International Division, Executive Division, GM
Aug, 2005Link Power Co., Ltd. Director
Sep, 2006Link Power Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board
Mar, 2007Link Power Co., Ltd. resign as Chairman of the Board, remain as Director
Asahi Sun Clean Co., Ltd.Director

Director Fujio Yoshida

  University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture / Kajima Corporation
1989 Kajima Europe Vice President
1995 Kajima Corporation Director, Overseas Business Department General Manager
1997 Kajima Corporation Managing Director
1999 Kajima Overseas Asia President
2000 Inoue Kogyo Co., Ltd. Executive Vice-President
2003 Inoue Kogyo Co., Ltd. Special Advisor
2005 resignation from Inoue Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Auditor Morihisa Tanizaki

  IBM Japan, Ltd.
Jul, 1990 Ryu-Ai System(joint venture with Bank of The Ryukyus) Director, Executive Director
Jun, 1993 resignation from IBM Japan, Ltd.
Jul, 1993

CMO Co., Ltd. Executive Director

Riso Advanced System Co., Ltd. Executive Director

A.I.Technology Co., Ltd. Director

Oct, 1995 CSK Corporation Technical Training Department Senior Manager, Sales Planning Department Senior Manager, Consulting Director
May, 1997 Accenture Qualitiy Control Department Director
Jan, 2003 Ark Think Tank(cooperative) Partner
Apr, 2005 IV Square Corporation Executive Vice-President
Oct, 2005 IV Square Corporation CEO
Mar, 2011 Link Power Co., Ltd. Auditor