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What is Cosmo Water?

Patent granted new product. Aseptic air system built-in water server.

water server
 *Rental charges free!  There are 2 types of water servers.
Stylish Style
(round type)

height: 102.0cm
width: 30.0cm
depth: 30.0cm
*bottle holder installed,
height: 127.0cm

height: 54.0cm
width: 30.0cm
depth: 30.0cm
*bottle holder installed,
height: 79.0cm
   *SPEC/design can change for improvement, without notice.

old water server

Water servers with gallon bottles need to take in outside air (which includes bacteria from living environment) to serve water. In this way, the quality of water deteriorates inside the bottle, and bacteria will multiply. Environmental hormone "Bisphenol A(*)" is included in the material of gallon bottles, and it may have bad effect to health.
There were no problems of remnant water when the material of Cosmo Water's bottle was polyethylene, however, since they changed the material to PET resin considering environmental issues, the hardness of the bottle caused water remaining, which regretfully displeased our customers.

aseptic air systerm water server

Cosmo Water's patent granted new product, water server with "aseptic air system" solves water remnant issues! And, it prevents detorioration of water, and maintains the deliciousness by aseptic air.
This water server represents inflow of air as the water inside the bottle lessens, however, the air flowing in is clean air.

--In case this new product causes water remaining, we will exchange it immediately.

*:Announced by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare--The influence of Bisphenol A upon human health.
Bisphenol A is a material of polycarbonate and epoxy resin, and is used for some containers of food.
For press release from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, please see the page below.(written in Japanese)

Cosmo Water products

Hita mineral water  ¥1,890

Fuji No Shizuku  ¥1,890

Koto mineral water  ¥1,680

Cosmo Water Plus Premium