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Cosmo Water Fuji No Shizuku

What is Fuji No Shizuku?

Highest level in Japan! Natural Vanadium contained 122g/L!

Famous mineral water collected at Northern foothills of Yamanashi Mt.Fuji, which is more precious among natural waters of Mt.Fuji.

The water is drawn at gently undulating highlands of around 1000 meters above sea level, in strictly controlled Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Blessed with abundant nature (wild plants and birds), and with different beauties from season to season, filtered through the basaltic layers of Mt. Fuji for years, "Legendary water of Fuji Fuji No Shizuku" has plenty of minerals. Vanadium, widely featured lately, is contained at exceedingly high level of 122g/L. Natural Zinc is contained as much as 96g/L.

Widely featured Vanadium!

Remarked by experts!Natura Vanadium/Zinc included weak alkaline soft natural water!
"Natural Vanadium"

Vanadium was discovered by Sefstorm in 1830, and was named after "Vanadis", the goddess of beauty and fertility. It is found in the earth and seawater. In Japan, it is plentifully contained in a blackish brown igneous rock called Basalt, in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Though there is only a small quantity of it in human body, Vanadium is one of the essential minerals, alike Magnesium and Calcium.

"Natural Zinc"

An essential mineral which plays an important part in cell division. Contained especially in oysters, and greatly affects the cell division of gustatory cells which control the sense of taste.

Widely featured element, vanadium!

Currently, vanadium attracts many researchers' attention, and various researches are undertaken. "Fuji No Shizuku" contains plenty of vanadium, and we receive sentiments of delight from many people.

Weak alkaline natural water!

"pH8 weak alkaline"

pH is the concentration of Hydrogen ion, and is a unit to measure acidity and alkalinity. pH 7.0 is neutral, over pH 7.0 is alkaline, and under pH 7.0 is acid. Over 60% of human body consists of water, and is weak alkaline. Water changes to nutrients after chemical reaction with foods, carries the nutrients to every parts of the body, and excretes unnecessary wastes. "Fuji No Shizuku" is weak alkaline close to human body fluid.

Calcium determines the deliciousness of meals!

"Fuji No Shizuku" has outstanding mineral balance!

Mineral components per liter of "Legendary water of Mt. Fuji Fuji No Shizuku"

Calcium contained in water shuts up the glutamates of ingredients, and interrupts broths to come out when making miso soup or soup stock.
Therefore, your meals will become more delicious by using soft water with less calcium for cooking. When cooking rice, it also becomes more delicious by using soft water with less calcium which disturbs absorption of water.

Hardness of water is content rate of Calcium and Magnesium per liter, and is calculated by converting into the amount of Calcium Carbonate. There is soft water and hard water, and the unit is mg.

Below 100mg is soft water, and over 100mg is hard water.
It is said that Japanese water is generally soft.
Japanese have been close to soft water, and have used soft water for living.
As for meals, we have time-honored wisdom of dishes derived from soft water. Soft water is crucial to our unique Japanese food culture.
"Legendary water of Mt. Fuji Fuji No Shizuku" is 30mg/L hardness which is even low among soft waters.
This means that there is less calcium. This water can bring out the glutamates of ingredients and let us taste the inherent deliciousness.

1."rainfall" rain and melted snow penetrates Mt. Fuji.
2."filtration" filter through basaltic layers for several decades.
3."draw up" drawn up from underground.

We adopted heat sterilization bottling in order to deliver safe and reliable natural water to our customers.

By heat sterilization, we exterminate bacteria that could not be treated by filtration, reserving only inherent elements. We wish to provide reliable natural water in this way.
Recently, natural waters bottled by nonthermal sterilization methods are sold, but the quality control is still difficult and seems insecure.
We give first priority to safety, and will not make an easy compromise of adopting nonthermal sterilization.
We will provide delicious and safe natural water.

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