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Cosmo Water Hita mineral water

Widely featured minerals, natural zinc/organogermanium including natural water!

Hita mineral water

"Hita mineral water Hita No Homare" --natural mineral water--

Hita city of Oita, famous with Japanese cedar, is a basin surrounded by mountains. Mikuma river, which runs through the middle of the city, is the upper stream of the class A river "Chikugo river" which benefits the northern part of Kyushu. Hita city is a place of scenic beauty. Cormorant fishing and houseboats, hot springs, the old townscape of Mameda-chou, and the town of Tenryo which has plentiful taste and atmosphere has been referred to as "City of water, Hita". The purity and richness of the water are such that Hita is chosen as "100 greatest cities of water" by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Furthermore, the fact that major beverage manufacturers are forging ahead to this place in search of a good headspring, is the best proof.
Drawn from 750 meters underground, awaken from a long time, "Hita mineral water Hita No Homare", contains plenty of widely featured trace minerals such as "zinc" and "organogermanium", and is clean with almost no nitrate nitrogen. This is a gift of Mother Earth, rarely found in other places of the world.
"Zinc" and "organogermanium" are difficult to take in from natural foods. Many health foods such as supplements are sold. Both are part of essential minerals to support modern people's health.

Merit 1: Plenty of zinc "what is zinc?"

*Natural zinc 0.16mg/L -- An essential mineral for cell division. In foods, contained especially in oysters. It is a component of various enzymes that act upon composition/decomposition of protein, and known to be especially crucial for the cell division of gustatory cells which control the sense of taste. Zinc 0.16mg/L is an exceptionally high content among mineral waters.

Merit 2: Organogermanium contained "what is organogermanium?"

*Organogermanium 0.004mg/L -- It is easily bonded with oxygen, though much is yet to be elucidated.

Soft taste, hardness 62mg/L soft water, ph7.8 weak alkaline!
*Astonishingly clean water! General nitrate-nitrogen under 0.01mg/L!

Merit 3: Widely featured mineral: "silica"

*Ion silica 72mg/L -- Silica(silicon) is also a trace mineral, and is found in human hair, skin, cartilage as silicic acid. Although there are some foods which contain silicon, it may be difficult to take in when you are busy. Hita mineral water "Hita No Homare" contains water-soluble silica(silicon) 72mg/L. If white crystal is found floating in the water, it is silica, and there is no problem with the quality.

"Hita mineral water Hita No Homare" ingredients per liter

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