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About mineral water

Unjyo-sui and Cosmo Water

Utility of mineral water other than drinking.

Mineral water makes rice even more delicious

How to cook rice deliciously!!The key is water.

How to cook rice deliciously 1. How to wash rice.
First pour mineral water and stir 2-3 times, then immediately drain the water away. At this point, the rice absorbs mineral water. Scrub the rice rhythmically, pour & drain tap water 4-5 times, and scrub untill the used water becomes clear. The used water is full of nutrients, so you could also use it as a fertilizer for plants.

2. How to soak rice.
After the used water becomes clear, pour mineral water again, and soak the rice. The time length is crucial. The harder the rice, soak longer. Let the rice absorb water full of minerals.
Standard time length: in warm season, approx. 30 minutes / in cool season, approx. 2 hours(when cooking new rice(which contains more water), shorten the time)

3. Steam cooked rice for 15 minutes.
This will form up the rice grains, make Crab Holes (vapor passes through these holes), and make each rice grain shine. The rice will be cooked pure white, with perfect softness and sweetness. Mineral water brings out the original deliciousness of rice.

Mineral water also enhances the aroma of tea

tea   Using mineral water for making green tea/Sencha/black tea, will soften the astringency, enhance the aroma, and enrich the flavor. Coffee will become mild, with nice color and brilliant flavor. When diluting Shochu or whiskey with hot/cold water, mineral water will make it milder and more pleasant.

Mineral water also make food even more delicious

miso-soup By soaking vegetables/fruits in mineral water 5-10 minutes, vegetables/fruits will maintain freshness, and enhance flavor. Our mineral water is chlorine-free, and therefore is unlikely to destroy vitamin and will keep the good taste of food. Using mineral water for miso soup or boiled dishes, will enrich the inherent taste and flavor of the food. Then less seasoning will be necessary, and it is extremely healthy.


Natural vanadium water -a gift from Mt. Fuji-

 Unjyo-sui : ¥2,100(tax included, 2L*8 bottles)

Rain and snow pour on Mt. Fuji, and slowly filter into the soil over tens and hundreds of years. Unjyo-sui contains plenty of vanadium, gained while slowly penetrating through the basaltic layer of Mt. Fuji.

Cosmo Water

Natural water containing minerals, natural zinc/organogermanium!

 Hita mineral water : ¥1,890(tax included, 12L bottle)

Hita city of Oita, famous with Japanese cedar, is a basin surrounded by mountains. Mikuma river, which runs through the middle of the city, is the upper stream of the class A river "Chikugo river" which benefits the northern part of Kyushu. Hita city is a place of scenic beauty. Cormorant fishing and houseboats, hot springs, the old townscape of Mameda-chou, and the town of Tenryo which has plentiful taste and atmosphere has been referred to as "City of water, Hita". The purity and richness of the water are such that Hita is chosen as "100 greatest cities of water" by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Furthermore, the fact that major beverage manufacturers are forging ahead to this place in search of a good headspring, is the best proof.

Cosmo Water

Super vanadium! Famous water of Mt. Fuji "Fuji No Shizuku"

 Fuji No Shizuku : ¥1,890(tax included, 12L bottle)

Famous water of Mt. Fuji "Fuji No Shizuku" is high quality water collected at Yamanashi Fuji Hokuroku, which is more precious among mineral waters of Mt. Fuji.

 Soft mineral water of weak alkaline which contains natural vanadium/natural zinc, also remarked by experts!!

Cosmo Water

Exuded elegance -the depths of Kyoto "Koto mineral water"-

 Koto mineral water : ¥1,680(tax included, 12L bottle)

"Koto mineral water" is delivered from our plant in Kyoto, with thoroughgoing facilities and quality control.

 The bottling of mineral water is done sanitarily with the newest manufacturing facility and clean room in order to deliver to your hands without spoiling the inherent deliciousness of the water.

Cosmo Water

RO mineral water "Plus Premium"

 Plus Premium : ¥1,180(tax included, 15L bottle)

We have confidence in the quality of water! We use reverse osmosis membrane RO filter (microscopic 1/100,000,000 mm nutrification holes) as filtration film for Cosmo Water Plus Premium.

It removes endocrine disruptors that common purifiers cannot remove. So, our water is exceedingly pure!