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About mineral water

Cosmo Water Koto mineral water(water of the Ancient Capital)

Exuded elegance -the depths of Kyoto "Koto mineral water"-

"Koto mineral water" is delivered from our plant in Kyoto, with thoroughgoing facilities and quality control.

Koto mineral water

Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and process control.

The bottling of mineral water is done sanitarily with the newest manufacturing facility and clean room in order to deliver to your hands without spoiling the inherent deliciousness of the water.

Koto mineral water

"Koto mineral water" is drawn up from the foothills of Mt. Mitake in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto. Mt. Mitake stands 839 meters above sea level, and is one of the mountains known as "cloud sea of Tanba". Surrounded by rich nature, "cloud sea/mist sea" are especially mysterious scenes. Mt. Mitake is said to have erupted several hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the subsurface soil is covered by granite. In the north lies Mt. Ooe which has been designated as a national park. A famous folklore says that Kintoki Sakata(childhood name:Kintaro) came up to Kyoto and defeated the infamous Shuten-doji who was hiding in Mt. Ooe. Beside Mt. Mitake runs Kumobara river, and there is "Kumobara Sabo(erosion control)" which was the first to be nominated as "the nation's registered monument". Natural water that springs out in lushly green environment revives the elegance of the Ancient Capital. Percolated through granite for a long time, this natural water is soft water of 30mg/L hardness, and has a mild taste.

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