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About mineral water

What is Unjyo-sui?


Genuine!Natural mineral water!

King of natural water, Unjyo-sui!

There is a strict standard for natural water. In Japan, the MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) defined "Mineral Water Product Quality Labeling Guidelines" for the first time. Unjyo-sui is classified as "natural mineral water" which contains plenty of vanadium and minerals, without any physical/chemical processing. It is a vanadium water nurtured by Mt. Fuji, which shows us the prodigality of nature.

The prime taste of unheated processed water!

Furthermore, Unjyo-sui is unheated processed vanadium water, which is unusual in this country.
Without damaging the oxygen/carbon dioxide gas in the water, the taste becomes soft and rich. The rain and melted snow of Mt. Fuji percolates over tens and hundreds of years, and turns into safe and delicious mineral water. The environment of the water source area is protected. We draw vanadium water of Mt. Fuji from 180 meters underground.

Natural vanadium contained! Weak alkaline soft natural water!

Natural vanadium contained! Weak alkaline soft natural water!

Unjyo-sui is natural water drawn up from 180 meters underground of the foothills of Mt. Fuji. The melted snow and rain of Mt. Fuji slowly penetrates the pile of basaltic layers as subflows for tens and hundreds of years, until it becomes weak alkaline natural mineral water with plenty of vanadium and other minerals.

Widely featured element, vanadium!

Currently, vanadium attracts many researchers' attention, and various researches are undertaken. Unjyo-sui contains plenty of vanadium, and we receive sentiments of delight from many people.


Unjyo-sui 2Lx8bottles  Price(tax/freight excluded): ¥2,100

Unjyo-sui 500mLx30bottles  Price(tax/freight excluded): ¥4,095

Unjyo-sui 500mLx40bottles  Price(tax/freight excluded): ¥5,460

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